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Financial Preparation

Disorganized paperwork given to your accountant means bigger bills from your accountant. We can sort, organize, and summarize, and submit your now streamlined papers to your accountant. We can handle recovering your financial footing after an extended hospital stay. We can help you dig out from, and help make sense of all the financial details after the loss of a loved one, or help you prepare, to spare your loved ones at least some of the worries.

Compliance Issues

Out of compliance with a rule, specification, policy, standard or law? Not sure you're ready for an audit? We can parse out compliance requirements from a variety of sources, and help you to prove you are compliant, or help you plot out a course to get compliant. Whether you have issues with local, state, federal, or other compliance issues, we can help.

Physical Space Optimization

Is it not enough space? Or too much stuff? Or maybe just not an orderly plan to maximize your storage, and living spaces. We can help. We will assess the situation, talk with you about your goals for the space, and facilitate efficient use of space, and come up with a plan to help keep things from getting out of hand again in the future.

Objective Assessment of Resources

Sometimes, you don't know what you've got 'til its gone... and we can help you find the value, or find an expert, to help value speciality items (think 40 year old stock certificates, rare stamps, art or jewelry).

Reorganization of Assets

There's an incredible freedom that comes from assessing our inventories and eliminating that which no longer serves us. Restore. Recycle. Reuse. Let us help you decide what to keep, what to pass on, and what no longer serves you. From refurbishing special pieces to redistribution of no longer needed treasures, we can help you sort out the difference.

Cleaning & Maintenance

When things have been sitting, collecting dust, we have the team for light cleaning, deep cleaning, and preventative, or reparative maintenance.