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Changes don't always come at a convenient time.

The Next Right Thing, Inc. has been there when situations seemed impossible. Let us oversee your transition. We provide as many or as few people as you like, and we get the job done. Past clients include small business owners, a non-profit, and families or congregations faced with seemingly impossible re-organization tasks with the transitional needs of a loved one. We're fast. We're reliable. We're creative. Let us know what you need done. We'll let you know how to make it happen while maintaining the dignity of all involved in the process. We clear, clean, stage, purge, and maintain the integrity of those involved as we strive to reuse, recycle, and restore. We strive to let each project pay for itself in the long run.

"Better an end to terror than terror without end."

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To get consistent results, we use a four step process which involves the client, and by doing so, helps to find lasting solutions.

Identify the Problem

If you don't identify the problem first, you will waste time and money chasing solutions to symptoms, while the real problem goes unsolved.

Consequences of the Problem

One of the best ways to know you have found the real problem is by examining how it affects you and those around you.

Brainstorming Solutions

Not every problem has an obvious inside-the-box solution. Sometimes, creative problem solving will uncover better, faster, less obvious solutions.

Make a Commitment

The best solution in the world can't help, if it isn't applied consistently. By committing to the solution, the client gains control, where before they had none.

Past Projects

We have been solving problems and changing lives since 2001. We approach each engagement with the same level of committment, whether we are working to transition an alzheimer's patient to an assisted living facility, or engaging to bring an apartment complex back to profitability by eliminating code violations, rampant drug use, and a pernicious homeless problem.

A recent engagement had us rescuing a non-profit from a series of compounded problems:

  • 5 quarters of unpaid taxes
  • hoarding of donations
  • being sued by former executive director

Our solution in this situation resolved each of these issues, as well as:

  • restoring compliance to bylaws of incorporation
  • restoring transparency of operations

For one client, who needed an immediate home sale, we removed extraneous clutter, and staged home. Home sale closed within 30 days.

We helped a client facilitate funeral planning and performed records management and the financial wrapup of the estate.

These are just a few of the ways we've helped our clients, since 2001.

Guiding Principles

We believe very strongly that what we do matters, to our clients, our workers and ourselves. We have a set of principles that we find help us in all we do:

Maximize the use of existing resources

In most of our engagements, we are able to fund the engagement by an appropriate reutilization of the client's "hidden treasures"

Restoration of dignity

Each of us, whether our clients, our workers, or ourselves - deserve to treated with basic human dignity. We strive to restore dignity, and to show those we interact with that their dignity can be reclaimed.

Restoration of healthy relationships

When things are out of control, our relationships suffer. Part of recovering control is mending fences, and re-establishing those relationships. We strive to assist with this, and in establishing appropriate boundaries

Redistribution of unnecessary excesses

In some cases, organization is the smallest part of the problem. While hoarding is all the rage these days on TV, sometimes it is a real issue. In those cases, we work with the client to find appropriate ways to put their overabundances to work helping others in the community.